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  2. Mykonos, Greece

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    Pictured: not acting.

    5 Famous Movies That Were Insane Parties Behind the Scenes

    #5. Dazed and Confused Was Fueled by Drinking, Hookups, and Real Pot

    Once all of the unknown teenagers and 20-somethings were cast, it was time to cram them all into the same hotel for two months, where they spent most of their downtime drinking and smoking pot in the hotel lobby, along with having more sex than Olympic Village athletes. And when they weren’t busy challenging the hotel’s guest expulsion guidelines, the cast of Dazed and Confused were doing every single drug in the state of Texas while spending all night tubing in the Guadalupe River. The nightly mind expansion was so potent, it caused the then-16-year-old Milla Jovovich to run off to Vegas and marry one of her co-stars. Her mother had the marriage annulled, but unfortunately was not able to do the same years later when Jovovich married Luc Besson and the director of the Resident Evil movies.

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    Found my new favorite screencap

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    George Best and Susan George on holiday in Majorca (1969)

  11. Mary Tyler Moore and Julie Andrews in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (1967)

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  12. this is important.

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  14. Common Ground.

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    Paul McCartney